You’re hard to resist when you’re on your knees, begging me.

futuremrscruise-deactivated2014 messaged:
My favourite writer...What's your best life advice?

//Do what you want while you still have the time to do it. No more fucking excuses. Whatever it is, start right now, because every passing day brings you closer to a very certain death. Don’t waste any more time in the false comfort of your shit relationship, don’t waste any more time crying over the body you’re unhappy with, don’t waste any more time hiding at home to avoid dealing with your crippling social anxiety. Take control of your life right now. Time is passing. Make it happen.

Anonymous messaged:
Do you have a crush on someone?

I don’t do that. I don’t ever do that. 

futuremrscruise-deactivated2014 messaged:
You are so talented writer! I hope you write again very soon!

//Thank you very much.


to any of my followers that find me intimidating:

  • I’m more scared of you than you are of me. 

I’m intimidating as fuck and I ain’t scared of you.