Daddy says she’s too young, but she’s old enough f’me.

“Come August, we like to celebrate St. SUCK MY BIG FAT FUCKING SAUSAGE!”
- Frank TJ Mackey (Tom Cruise) - Magnolia

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When you love a girl so much the pressure becomes a literal explosive pain in your chest.

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Kaily must have been running for hours. She heard the cops shouting behind her as she hopped a fence. She was getting so tired, she couldn’t stand it. Her legs were starting to burn, and her chest hurt. She slid to a stop coming out of an alley way and looked around.

She saw a house across the street and dashed across to it. She managed to get the door open and darted inside. Locking the dead bolt behind her as she peeked out the window. “Fucking Christ!”

"I will fuck you up," Frank growled, easily shoving his body up against the female intruder, pinning her to the wall from behind.

He was ready for this. He had to be. For years, he’d been receiving truckloads of death threats and hate mail for his career of choice. It was no big deal, old hat. Recent months, however, things had progressed to something more serious. Three times.. three goddamn times he’d almost been attacked by angry feminist women. He spent a good amount of money to ensure that shit never happened, and here it was, waltzing right into his living room in the middle of the night.

She was stupid not to have noticed him sitting on his own couch, eating his own potato chips.

Forbidden Fruit


Kat was sent to yet another boarding school. Ever since she had been kicked out of the National Academy of Dance in Australia, her mother had a hard time keeping her daughter under watch, especially when she accepted a contract with the Berlin Ballet, a prestigious honor. The blonde would have rather stayed in the empty house alone than to be sent here with her aunt, who was never seen during the daylight hours anyway. 

This one had uniforms, short plaid skirts and a white button up shirt, white knee high socks and ugly shoes.The only thing she was able to have a choice in was her hair, which she wore down today, curled around her face. Her first week here was hell, with most of the students resenting her just because of who her parents were.

Natasha Willis and Sebastian Karamakov were famous in the dance world, dancing and choreography respectively. Ethan, Kat’s half brother, fell form the same mold as his father, and was currently in Barcelona. Kat on the other hand hated ballet, preferring other types of dance, like hip hop and jazz, neither one her parents accepted. So now, she was here, forced to endure the torture that was private school.

The only person who seemed to be having a rougher time than her was the new substitute, Mr. Mackey. He was covering for another teacher that Kat never met. Entering the room, Kat, being the observant person she was, noticed that he was struggling. Still, because she was new, she had to bother him.

"Um… sir," she said timidly, handing Mr. Mackey a piece of paper with her information on it. It was supposed to get her up to speed on the class, getting books, and catch her up with assignments if necessary. "I’m Katrina, or ‘Kat’. I have to give you this." All the other students who were dressed just like her filed in, taking their seats, getting as far away from the  front as possible, leaving only one, front and center of the teacher’s desk.

Kat turned around and internally sighed. She hated drawing attention to herself, especially on the first day of her school. Sitting down, the balls of her feet holding most of the weight. It was habit since she was a trained dancer, waiting for the lesson to begin.

She started to fidget just watching Mr. Mackey. The nervousness of other people made her nervous. The other girls were talking about how hot he was while the guys were talking about some stupid party they planned to get wasted at.

"Kat.." Frank mumbled to himself, squinting as he fought to focus on the paper in hand; he didn’t enjoy reading things, resulting in a lazy scan of the material. Instinctively, his eye darted to his right, flicking to observe the sudden movement seen in his peripheral vision - lingering, then, as he watched the girl walk away.

He cleared his throat and flicked the paper loudly, turning the chair back to its correct position so as to look the new student in her eye. “Look at that. You’re somebody, aren’t ya.” He scoffed, placing the paper down on the desk with a devious grin. “Well, Kat.. none of that means anything to me, but ah.. thanks anyway.”

In truth, Frank hadn’t retained any of the information, only that he recognized her name and had some idea of who the attractive girl was - all else was discarded. In general, he couldn’t care less about the students, only about getting through the day; doing as little as possible. Jeremy hadn’t given him much direction when it came to teaching, it had been more about keeping order and taking charge, ensuring the students stay busy. Being a dropout, this worked out best for all involved. He was lucky in that this was an English class and not trig - he didn’t even know what that was.

"Mr. ah.. Mr. Mills," He rested his chin in his palm; his long fingers feathering over his mouth and nose. "..he instructed me to give you all the same lesson, so for now that’s what I’m gonna do. Keep it simple."

With two fingers of his free hand, Frank motioned for Kat to come forward. “Give everybody one of these.” With that, he dropped his hand to slap the small stack of papers sitting directly in front of him.

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